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About Ikumi Kayama

Studio Kayama’s Founder, Ikumi Kayama, is an award-winning medical & scientific illustrator. She helps scientists and doctors share the value of their work through accurate and educational illustrations.

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How to make a sweet heart out of M&M’s

Happy Valentine’s Day! To honor this “holiday”, I created an anatomical heart made of M&M’s! It was fun to swoop the different colored candy into place as I recreated the shapes of the different anatomical structures. Yes, in case you were wondering, I snacked on…

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Website Update 2013

Happy new year! Hope everyone is having a great start to the new year. Here at Studio Kayama, we are updating our website! Please pardon the dust for few days as we go through the upgrading process. There might be few broken links and a…

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Anatomy of Sports Day

The National Museum of Health and Medicine in Silver Spring, Maryland hosted a program titled Anatomy of Sports. I was one of the invited medical illustrators who painted muscles on athletes to show which muscles were used when playing different types of sports. The athlete,…

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Photoshop Tutorial: Quick Mask Mode

Here is another video I made to help illustrators paint in Photoshop. What is a good way to stay inside the lines while you paint? One of the tools you can use is the quick mask tool. It’s prominently featured in the main palette, but…

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Photoshop Tutorial: Making a Custom Brush

For the GNSI conference this year, I was invited to give a Photoshop talk. I knew from experience that demonstrating tips and tricks never work on the spot. This time I made a set of videos that the attendees can watch and study after the…

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