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Photoshop Tutorial: Use Lasso Tool Like a Frisket

How to be concise with the lasso tool

For Illustrators and Scientists using Photoshop as a precise painting/editing tool:

Imagine being able to precisely paint inside the lines in Photoshop without worrying about perfecting the path tool. Make your illustrations go quicker and be more efficient.

  • Do you hate the pen tool with a passion?
  • Does painting in Photoshop make you change your style?
  • Are you intimidated by all the buttons on Photoshop?

Consider this less-known but intuitive tool. Like everything else in Photoshop, it’s loaded with options and the default setting is not user-friendly. Put a new skillset in your Photoshop box of tricks by learning how the lasso tool works to help you paint concisely and quickly.

I used to be the one who felt like I had to change my style once I transitioned into the “digital canvas”.  When I started, it felt like my techniques in watercolor and colored pencils no longer applied in Photoshop. I was forced to paint with airbrush and bezier curves. It was intimidating. I tried to avoid it until my first professional illustration job required me to work in Photoshop.

Slowly I learned. Slowly I found out more about shortcuts and toolsets. One day I mistyped a shortcut and made the screen look all weird. I had to close all the files and reboot Photoshop to undo my one mistake. Sometimes I would discover something neat and scribble it on the backside of an envelope, never to be seen again. I took classes. I seeked work with the great masters in the field. I’d pick up tricks from watching others use Photoshop.

I’m still learning, but I want to share some tips and tricks with you, so you can skip some of the agonies and challenges I went through. The problem I see is that most Photoshop tutorials are aimed for designers and photographers, and not for painters/illustrators.

Here’s one way you can use the lasso tool like a frisket. Enjoy! If you like this post or have questions, feel free to leave a message in the comment section. Thanks and happy Photoshopping!


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