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Ikumi is a medical & scientific illustrator helping researchers, doctors, and educators communicate quickly and effectively

Ikumi Kayama (ee-Koo-mee kah-Yah-mah) is a medical and scientific illustrator in Maryland serving the field of science, medicine, healthcare, and education. She specializes in creating accurate and up-to-date illustrations and visuals for the ever changing fields of science and medicine. To create such work, she collaborates with experts to depict species, natural histories, human anatomy, and surgical procedures. Her award-winning works have appeared in numerous textbooks, websites, journals, science exhibits, non-profit brochures, and children’s books.

At an early age, she found that art has an ability to connect people. Her interests in science and art lead to a BFA in Scientific Illustration at the University of Georgia and a minor in French language and literature. During her undergraduate studies, her adviser and mentor introduced her to the field of medical illustration.  In 2008, Ikumi completed her graduate work in medical illustration in the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Ikumi has won numerous awards for her illustration work including the Frank Netter Memorial Scholarship in Medical Art from Johns Hopkins University School  of Medicine, Best of Show Award from the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, and the Award of Excellence from the Association of Medical Illustration.

She also teaches workshops and creates tutorials on Photoshop tips and tricks to create accurate and detailed illustration.

Ikumi has been an active member of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators and currently serving on the board as the recording secretary. Ikumi has given numerous lectures and attends professional illustrators events, sharing her techniques and passion for medical and scientific illustration.

(Photo credit: David Rini, MFA)

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