Introduction to Scientific Illustration for Students

scientific illustration step by step
I was invited by a good friend of mine from college to be a guest speaker for a group of students in Arkansas. The talk will be about “Combining Science and Art for a Career in Medical & Scientific Illustration”. As a part of the talk, we are planning on a drawing exercise to draw some leaves. What perfect timing! We have plenty of leaves just steps from our place. So, Here it is, how to draw a mulberry leaf (and the fruit).

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About Ikumi Kayama

Studio Kayama’s Founder, Ikumi Kayama is an award-winning medical & scientific illustrator who helps scientists and doctors how to be heard and understood and how to express the value of what they do through accurate and useful illustrations. Ikumi's mission is to make science relevant and accessible to everyone using accurate visuals. She also gives PowerPoint Design Tip seminars for the scientists and various illustration technique courses for the artists. Come say hello and follow Ikumi on facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Google+ .