Science Gift Ideas – Unique and Different Gifts

Are you looking for a neat gift for your favorite scientist? Do they already have crazy ties, shirts, and Newton’s cradles for the office?  Are you tired of trying to fit so many mugs in your cupboard? Do you know someone who is very hard to shop for? We looked around the web for some of the most unusual gifts. We hope these science gift ideas will inspire you for the busy holiday season! Click on the text link to get more information on the gift idea. Unless specified, the links will take you to

 1. Science clock by DCI Science

scientist gift ideas science clock

DCI Science Quiz Wall Clock When I first looked at it, I thought it was a math clock. Now, scientists get their own version. I got the Fluorine and the DNA base pairs right away, but I had to look up few of these equations to find out more. How fun! This is a great conversation starter and a neat way to quiz your friends.

2. Periodic Table Playing Cards by Les Enterprises

Periodic Table Playing Cards (English, Spanish and French Edition) This exciting playing cards deck features one element per card. Each card has the atomic number, name of the element in English, French and Spanish, the mass, the category, melting and boiling points, period and group, natural state and common usages. I also appreciate the design on the backs of the cards.

3. Giant Organ plush by I Heart Guts

science gift ideas brain plush

Big Brain Plush – All You Need Is Lobe! – I Heart Guts Series These are great fun! We put the brain plush, but you can also get a heart , spleen , kidney, eye, uterus, testicle, and more. The brains behind these adorable toys is a fellow medical illustrator. These are perfect for specialists–give the brain to a neurologist for example.

4. Florence Flask Lab Decanter

Florence Wine Decanter (via wine Does your scientist also love happy hours and nice conversations while sipping wine? How about a decanter shaped like a Florence flask? You can also get ones that are shaped like graduated cylinders and erlenmeyer flasks.

5.Sea Life Plates by Thomas Paul (9″)

science gift ideas sea life plates

Thomas Paul Sea Life 9-Inch Side Plates, Set of 4 These lovely plates are perfect for small parties and potluck. The 9″ plates are dishwasher safe.

6. Strain: the Bioengineering Game by Copernicus

Strain: The Bioengineering Game is a card game that requires a lot of strategy. The objective of the game is to build micro-organisms and to compete for points while attacking your opponents with virus strains and other tactics. Building new organisms makes the game different every time you play. You don’t have to be a scientist to enjoy the game, but scientists get extra smiles from trading in ATP like money.

7. Strange Plant Collection Terrarium by Dunecraft

Dune Craft, Strange Plant Collection Did you know that you could grow a flower that is shaped like an eyeball? How about a brain plant? You get five different plants in this little kit. If your scientist doesn’t have a green thumb, you can also get the succulents which are really hardy/hard to kill.

8. Gift Certificates for Custom Scientific Illustration Projects or Prints


Gift Certificate for Custom Illustration Projects by Studio Kayama. What’s better than to give the gift of custom scientific illustration Services? We will work with your scientist to create anything from educational materials to fine art pieces. If they don’t want custom art, they can get stock art license or buy a print. Just let us know, and we’ll work it out.

9. Lab Test Games

Lab Test Games, a new twist on an old classic: take the wooden particle apart then put it back together again. This set comes with four brainteasers: the Atom, the Molecule, the Particle, and the Cell. Each puzzle has a different level of difficulty. Keep one on your desk as a challenge during a break.

10. Audible Subscription subscription service. Does your scientist talk about how they need more hours of the day? Why not help them fit in reading time during their commute or while performing prep work or other tasks? They can listen to the audiobook anytime, anywhere with the subscription. You can buy different levels of subscriptions to fit their needs. Audible offers a free trial too. Check it out here

11. Terrarium Necklace by Catherine Weitzman

Terrarium Necklace. Does your scientist get sad from having to stay inside all day? How about a tiny terrarium that they can carry anywhere? Each necklace made of sterling silver and glass is hand made in Hawaii.


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Now, here’s what I want you to do: Do you have other favorite gift ideas? Tell us in the comments!  If you like this post, please consider subscribing to get notifications for future posts and updates. Now that your friends know all about your love of science, it might be beneficial to learn few tricks to explain your work better to your friends, family, and colleagues.  Here are some useful tips for a more professional PowerPoint Presentation, and Fonts that will add professionalism to your work.

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Ikumi Kayama specializes in working with researchers, doctors, teachers, and publishers to create custom illustrations that makes modern science accessible and relevant. She also gives PowerPoint Design Tip seminars for the scientists and various illustration technique courses for the illustrators.

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