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[Contest] Share your research for a chance to win custom artwork!

Update 10/24/13: Since we had less than 3 entries, all entrants have won prizes. Congrats!

Win custom artwork by an award-winning medical & scientific illustrator!

Do you ever struggle to explain your area of technical expertise?

Would you like a visual to describe your research but don’t know where to look?

With the US government shut down, many scientists are not deemed “necessary personnel” and have been furloughed. Numerous federal websites are also closed, such as the National Institute for Standards and Technology and its resources for scientists. It was reported that National Institutes of Health is turning away their patients.

Studio Kayama is offering a contest for all scientists and healthcare professionals who want to show that their work is relevant and necessary for the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants. We are proud to announce the Cocktail Napkin Science Contest!

**We don’t hold contests like this regularly. Don’t miss this unique opportunity for a chance to have your work turned into a professional illustration.**

Cocktail Napkin Science Contest:

It’s simple to enter: take a cocktail napkin (or a regular sheet of paper) and a pen and draw out what your research is about. You don’t have to be an artist for this contest; that’s our job. We just need a clear idea. If you met someone at a party who asked about your work, how would you describe it with a simple drawing?

Winning entries will be featured on the Studio Kayama website and related outlets. The winners will be judged based on overall presentation, effective communication, and technical execution.

Contest Rules and Instructions:


Eligibility: Entry is open to all physicians, researchers, and students in all fields of science and medicine. This contest is NOT limited to just government scientists. Anyone can enter.

What to Send: Entrants are encouraged to submit their research described on a cocktail napkin or paper up to 8.5″ x 11″.

We suggest that you use a pen so the information shows up better. A maximum of two entries per person will be accepted. Only hand-drawn pieces, please. Make sure to sign your work!

These are some examples of work we are looking for:

medical art cocktail napkin example
medical art cocktail napkin example
cocktail napkin example
cocktail napkin example

Once you finish your cocktail napkin work, take a photo with your smartphone, digital camera, tablet, or scanner, and submit the image file in the entry form.

Image File Format: We accept JPG, PDF, DOC, or PPT files, and the files should not be larger than 1 mb.

Along with the image, please fill out the short form.

***Important*** Only enter your work if you don’t mind sharing your research. Work from previously published research is accepted. If your work is selected, Studio Kayama may feature your research on the website.

Deadline: To enter the contest, please visit entry form. and upload up to two image files of your cocktail napkin work (from digital camera/scanner) by 11:59PM EDT on Sunday, October 20, 2013.

Finalist Announcement: On Tuesday October 22, ten finalist entries will be announced on the Studio Kayama website.  There will be a public vote on the website, and the winners will be announced November 1st.

Extra credit: To increase your chance of winning, you can get extra credit for the following:

-Be a government worker under furlough –5 extra points

Download a copy of “10 design mistakes that ruin your Powerpoint Presentation” link – 5 extra points

-“like” the Studio Kayama Facebook page –3 extra points

-“follow” Studio Kayama Twitter feed — 2 extra points

-Retweet the contest announcement — 1 extra point per tweet

-+1 with your Google+ profile –1 extra point

-“Share/favorite” this contest announcement using the “Share if you like this!” buttons found at the bottom of this post: 1 extra point per share.


Prizes (number of available awards in parenthesis):


Grand prize (1): one Journal cover or full-page custom artwork/figure (up to 8.5″ x 11″) describing your research/area of expertise

2nd prize (2): one Graphical abstract or one-column artwork/figure describing your research/area of expertise (up to 4.75″ x 5.5″).

3rd prize (2): one 1 hour consultation on using graphics to increase impact on your next presentation

4th prize (5): Exclusive greeting card pack from Studio Kayama (6 notecards per pack).


Winners will receive artwork by March 31, 2014.





I can’t draw a straight line and I draw stick people. Can I still enter?

-Of course! Please do! We are mainly looking for clarity of ideas


Can the cocktail napkin also include labels and words?

-Yes, but please stay away from complete sentences.


I don’t want you to share my not-so-great artwork on your website. Can I still enter?

-Just let us know and we’ll make sure to not show your piece on the website. You can still win.


My work is non-disclosed and/or classified.

-Do you have other projects that your organization doesn’t mind you sharing?


Can I use more than one color?

-Different colors are allowed.


I do not drink/cannot find a cocktail napkin.

-Just use some scrap pieces of paper.


Can the cocktail napkin have scribbles where I changed my mind?

-ok, just make sure your main ideas can be seen/read.


I messed up my first one. Can I try again?

-Yes, just don’t submit the messy one.


If I win, can I use the artwork for publication or a presentation?

-Yes, let us know when we work on your project.


I didn’t win/I don’t want to enter the contest. Can I still work with you?

-Of course.  You can contact me and we’ll get going.


Any more questions? Put them in the comment section below. Looking forward to seeing your work!

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Also, please feel free to send this article along to those who might benefit from this short article.

Don’t forget to share and like this page for extra credit.

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