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I help PIs and research scientists present their research more effectively.


The problem is, many researchers are typically under great pressure to publish and present more because they have to meet a certain quota or are required to apply for funding. Creating clear, useful, and exciting content takes time and patience.  Researchers also have to spend time away from research to create an application or a presentation that convinces others that the work is important in limited space and time under headings such as “broader impacts” and “intellectual merits”.

To quickly disseminate information, visual tools such as graphs, tables, and figures prove to be very valuable. Unfortunately, a typical researcher has very little training in data visualization and scientific storytelling.  Many researchers don’t have the time or patience to create their figures–effective figures that need to be clear and concise with minimal back and forth between the text and the figure.  When researchers add graphs and figures, they usually add too much data points that it’s too dense to study. Most graphical abstracts are graphs which has very little visual impact.

To help solve these situations, I create custom visuals that supplement and enhance the scientific learning experience.  Instead of the researcher spending hours to create graphs, tables, and figures, I will take over the visuals. We will have three 20-minute meetings to create, edit, and deliver production-ready files. These could be technical or non-technical depending on the audience.

The visuals are designed to efficiently explain the scientific significance of the study very quickly. Unlike photos, illustrations can filter information so only the key ideas are communicated.  Microscopic, molecular, and even theoretical images could be visualized for teaching and sharing purposes. Graphs and tables can be designed so the main ideas are communicated clearly with little clutter. Though simple to comprehend, my illustrations accurately and realistically explain science and medicine, and readers quickly and accurately understand what they need to know so the research is useful, exciting, and repeatable. All of this helps researchers save precious time and continue to conduct quality research.

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