How a Turtle Excluder Works


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Malaclemys terrapin
2007, Graphite

Crab pots are used to lure and trap blue crabs with food, but they can unintentionally trap other animals. Crabs have gills and can breathe in water, but other animals with lungs such as the diamondback terrapin can drown in the trap if the crab pot remains underwater for days or weeks.

It has been estimated that more than 15,000 terrapins annually drown in traps.

This scientific illustration describes how the use of a turtle excluder on a crab pot entry can protect diamondback terrapins from being trapped. The excluder is designed so that large blue crabs can still enter the crab pot, but it is too narrow for the terrapin.

Why Scientific Illustration?

Illustrations are able to compare the different outcomes in a single panel to make comparisons easier to make in a single image. While photographs or videos can be quicker to produce, it is easier with illustrations to show the exact same angle to highlight the differences. Illustrations can also take away unnecessary information while emphasizing the main points, unlike photographs.

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2011 Maryland Fishing Guide Booklet by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources- Fisheries Division


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