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I help doctors and specialists communicate better with their patients.

The problem is, many doctors are typically rushed for time because they have to see so many patients every day.  Rushed appointments with doctors leads patients to over-worrying and then emailing or phoning the doctors for more information. Frustrated patients become uncooperative and tend not to follow the doctor’s advice.  Additionally, most patients are unfamiliar with anatomy, physiology, or pathology, so when doctors do find the time to explain their conditions using medical jargon and cutting edge technologies like MRI scans, all it does is confuse the patients even more.

To help solve these situations, I create custom visuals that help the patients understand their bodies and why they work in a certain way.  These are purposely non-technical, yet informative visuals designed to efficiently explain what’s happening to their bodies.  Unlike photos, illustrations can filter information so only the key ideas are communicated.  Though simple to comprehend, my illustrations accurately and realistically explain science and medicine, and patients understand more quickly and accurately what they need to do to take care of themselves.  All of this helps doctors save precious time and retain satisfied patients.

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