Learn the skill of creating realistic and accurate drawing in graphite (pencils). Do you know about the different pencils, erasers, and papers to produce the types of work you want? Do you look at a drawing and wonder how it’s done? Then this class is for you.

This workshop is aimed for students of all levels who are curious to learn more about the graphite techniques to create realistic drawings using scientific illustration techniques. Students who are familiar with basic dry media (Graphite and pen/ink) will expand their toolbox. Graphite is a classic and accessible medium and its techniques lay a solid foundation skills for drawing and painting. Line drawing, shading, measuring, and texture will be covered. Light on form, values, composition, and perspective will be emphasized and revisited throughout the class.

The class will focus on becoming familiar with the graphite medium and how to use and maintain the tools and paper. We will cover basic drawing and rendering techniques used by many profesional artists. We will also cover common troubleshooting and how to avoid being overwhelmed.

Few things we’ll cover:
•How to setup and the working area
•How to observe shapes and value
•How to layer for darkness and add detail

This workshop will be a mixture of lecture, demonstration, and hands-on experience.

All supplies and materials will be provided

This is a two-day workshop, and will take place from 11AM till 4PM on Saturday, March 9th and on Sunday, March 10th.