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About Ikumi Kayama

Studio Kayama’s Founder, Ikumi Kayama, is an award-winning medical & scientific illustrator. She helps scientists and doctors share the value of their work through accurate and educational illustrations.

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Bird Sketching Workshop at Maryland Ornithological Society Meeting 2015

I’m so excited to teach a bird sketching workshop at the upcoming MOS conference in Hagerstown! There are few spots left still, so sign up if you can! The class will be setup to have few demonstrations and drawing exercises at the beginning, then we…

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7 Frequently Asked Questions I get as a scientific Illustrator

Thanks for coming to my talk! Any questions? As a scientific illustrator, I get all sorts of questions. Scientific illustration is one of those jobs that is not in the immediate consciousness of a society. We are not famous like firefighters, librarians, teachers, and other…

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Medical Illustration Creation: Sketching bones of feet

Note: If the above video does not play, click here. How are medical illustrations made? Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best! One of the most frequently asked question as a medical illustrator is, “Are all your work done in the computer?” It’s a…

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Scientific Illustration 101: How to Draw a Leaf

Introduction to Scientific Illustration for Students I was invited by a good friend of mine from college to be a guest speaker for a group of students in Arkansas. The talk will be about “Combining Science and Art for a Career in Medical & Scientific…

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Tribute to Dr. Maya Angelou

I was very saddened to learn about Dr. Maya Angelou’s passing. She was to live forever and share her wisdom and courage for decades and decades in my mind. Dr. Maya Angelou was my favorite teacher’s hero, so she’s a grand-hero of mine. There’s so…

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May the Fourth be with you. 9 anatomical structures named “4th” that will always be with you.

Happy Star Wars Day! Last weekend at the US Science and Engineering festival, I had the lovely honor of being part of the National Museum of Health & Medicine Booth in Washington, DC. While there, I got to paint some anatomy of the forearm on…

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Do professional artists draw for fun?

Frequently Asked Question: Do professional artists draw for fun? Above art: Sterba’s Corydora, Harlequin Rasbora, and White breasted nuthatch. ©2014 Ikumi Kayama.   Let me share some pages from my small sketchbook. It’s about 6″ x 6″, and the paper is thick enough to hold…

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11 Science Gift Ideas

Science Gift Ideas – Unique and Different Gifts Are you looking for a neat gift for your favorite scientist? Do they already have crazy ties, shirts, and Newton’s cradles for the office?  Are you tired of trying to fit so many mugs in your cupboard? Do…

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9.5 Last-minute Halloween Costume Ideas for Science Lovers

Are you ready for Halloween? We rolled up our crafty (or nerdy) sleeves to bring you easy, fast, and environmentally friendly Halloween costume ideas for scientists and science lovers. Bonus- none of these costumes involves you with a lab coat. Here are the 9.5 Last-minute…

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10 Differences between scientific illustrators and general illustrators

Hi, I’m Ikumi, and I’m a scientific illustrator. The usual response to that is , “what’s that?” and “I’ve never met one, how cool”. Then the conversation drifts to how one becomes a scientific illustrator. Usually the scientific illustrator loves both science and art and…

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